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Madam Mim

'Rhino Iguana'


Madam Mim is our 13 year old Rhino Iguana. She is best known at our parties and events. 

Madam Mim has Accepted the BAFTA award on behalf of Sir David Attenborough, worked alongside him at a book signing event. 

Madam Mim has also worked in promoting Skinceuticals product Retinal and Oliver Bonas Products 'Otis the Alligator and Victor the Tortoise' where she was hired for a still life drawing.

Copy of BAFTA2017.jpg

In 2017 Madam Mim was asked to attend the BAFTA's and help accept the award for the category  'Virgin Medias Must Seen Moment' she accepted the award on behalf of Plant Earth ll and Sir David Attenborough for 'Snakes v's Iguana Chase'. 



Skin Ceuticals Retinal Press Release.jpg

Madam Mim - SkinCeuticals 

Mim was asked to attend a press release for SkinCeuticals product 'Retinal'.

The press release was set out like a school classroom where 25 journalists from different social media and magazines attended to find out about the latest product. Mim sat at the front of the class as the school class pet.

Music Video 


Madam Mim Starring in the music video for Sunny G 'Reptilian' 

Video coming soon....



Madam Mim along with Harry our tortoise were asked to attend an evening in one of the London branches for Oliver Bonas Still Life Drawings event.

They hired Madam Mim to come and Pose so journalist and social media influancers could draw her at their latest product.

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