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Tom's Talking Reptiles: Our Center

Tom's Talking Reptiles was established in 2013 by Tom and Barry, along with our animals and our Reptile Defenders we offer our unique experiences to everyone we meet!

Tom- DBS Certificate:0010122668017  
Updated 23/04/2021

"18 years ago I studied Animal Care at Brinsbury College along side volunteering at Prestige Reptile shop; where I worked for Five years. There I was trained by the specialist reptile vet, David Feldmar; whose speciality was tortoises. 

Since then I have dedicated time and passion to rescuing reptiles, bugs and tree frogs, and give guidance across social media"

The Performer

People-oriented and fun-loving. Making things more fun for others by his enjoyment,  has well-developed common sense and practical abilities.

Barry-DBS Certificate: 001012685257
Updated 24/04/2021
The Inspirer
Enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. Has great people skills and a real concern for how others think and feel.

"From six years old I fearlessly explored trees and shrubs looking for frogs, dragonflies

and wonderful creatures.  

Sir David Attenborough and David Bellamy's

love for nature; who's programmes inspired me as a child, drove my desires as i got older to teach others about nature with the same passion and positive light. 

I had a wish to be a rescue beacon for reptiles in need, and to educate about these wonderful creatures and with this dream, together Tom and I created Tom's Talking Reptiles"

"Sir David Attenborough's 'The Greatest Story Ever Told, Life On Earth' was published in 1979; the year I was born. 

5 October 2018 he re-released the 40th Anniversary newly illustrated edition and I was able to spend the day in Sir David's presence, supporting his book signing event with Tom, our animals, reptile team and of course our BAFTA iguana, Madam Mim. 

I can not describe the feeling of owning a signed copy of the book and received a thank you letter from Sir David Attenborough." 


About us & what makes us special?

Together we form Tom's Talking Reptiles, where people discover the wonderful creatures we have, in a safe, controlled and comfortable environment.

Not Deadly. Not get me out of here! We want to change the fear and phobias people have of the animals we have and replace with compassion, empathy, and respect.


90% of our animals are rescues. Each one has been carefully brought back to health and cared for. We have built a trust with our animals so they allow us to educate with them, tell their stories, where they come from in the wild and how to correctly care for them in captivity.


Helping to change lives:

Rhino Iguanas are an endangered species in the wild coming from the Island Haiti; with it's many disasters and starving people, a Rhino Iguana is simply free food. We rescued our captive bred 'Madam Mim' in 2009 who was a year old and unable to walk. 

10 years later, our Madam Mim was filmed accepting the BAFTA Award for Planet Earth II on behalf of Sir David Attenborough, when he was unable to make it to last year’s BAFTA Awards. We are so honoured our Iguana is known forever more, the one that got away; and made it. (Snakes VS Baby Iguana - Planet Earth Two)

We believe we have the most unique and special animal on the planet with our Rhino Iguana, Madam Mim, who is toilet trained (only going in her vivarium), has free roam of our house with heat lamps, knows a hand from a piece of food and actually seems to prefer people hand feeding her, especially with a banana. In the summer months, she sits on her cushion outside basking in the sun's natural UV. 


Charities and organisations: We have a special bond working each year with the Children’s Trust #mybrave and Aldingbourne Country Centre (supporting adults with learning disabilities to live independent lives). 

'Wild About Sussex' with the charity green circle.

Bockets Farm

Amaze and part of the Compass Scheme for East and West Sussex

Lodge Hill, as well as many other charities and organisations.

2017 BAFTA Awards

BAFTAS 2017: Planet Earth II: Snakes vs Iguana wins Virgin TV's Must-See Moment. Our Madam Mim accepted the BAFTA on behalf of Sir David Attenborough. See BBC and Virgin clip.

#MyBrave Children's Trust

Supporting Children's Trust with Wonder woman's Emily Carey for #MyBrave

Katie Price ITV

ITV Studios Good Morning Britain. Tom's Talking Reptiles Amazon Milk Frogs working with Katie Price, to advertise her new role in the Sleeping Beauty Panto. She blew a kiss and the frogs turned into Piers Morgan.

Evening Standard Advertising Photo

"TEMPTING TIMES -Don't let precious time slip away" We joint up with the Evening Standard and the famous photographer Aaron Tilley for a double page spread


EVENING STANDARD Centerfold. Hair, Makeup and Beauty with models and many of our Snakes, Frogs and Lizards to create 'Forest Nymphs.'

TV presents Dick and Dom

We support Chestnut Tree House. Children's Christmas at Gatwick

Eazyman Music Video

Working with Eazyman for Music Video 'The come Up'.

Amaze and Compass Scheme for SEND

We are part of Amaze and the Compass Scheme supporting SEND children and families in East and West Sussex

Presenting with Nigel  Marven

Presenting with Nigel Marven from Walking With Dinosaurs at Fossils Galore Museum.

2017 BAFTA Awards

BAFTAS 2017: Planet Earth II: Snakes vs Iguana wins Virgin TV's Must-See Moment. Our Madam Mim accepted the BAFTA on behalf of Sir David Attenborough. See BBC and Virgin clip.

2017 BAFTA Awards

BAFTAS 2017: Planet Earth II: Snakes vs Iguana wins Virgin TV's Must-See Moment. Our Madam Mim accepted the BAFTA on behalf of Sir David Attenborough. See BBC and Virgin clip.

SKY TV Phobias

SKY TV, talking about Fears and Phobias on the Chrissy B Show with Snakes and Cockroaches.

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