Photography, Art comissions & Reptile Hire  

Our reptiles are available for photoshoots, modelling, TV and advertising, promotions and film.

We are very interested in reptile photography as we feel this is a great way to increase the positive reputation of snake, lizards, amphibians and invertebrates by showing their true beauty through the camera lens.

We have been on some unusual photo shoots showing off our amazing reptiles furthering the public’s interest.

We are currently working on new projects.

If you see an image on our website you like, we can put you in touch with the photographer or designer for prints, please contact us.

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The photoshoots below were with: EPic Photography    - Martins Photography    - Richard Paice Photography


"TEMPTING TIMES -Don't let precious time slip away"
We joint up with the Evening Standard and the famous photographer Aaron Tilley for a double page spread advert featuring three of our royal pythons

Madam Mim
Madam Mim
Madam Mim
Custard the Uromastyx
Rubarb the Uromastyx
Rubarb the Uromastyx
Red Eyed Tree Frog
Storm Boa Constrictor
Rosey Chilli-Rose Tarantula
Australian thorny stick insect
Australian thorny stick insect
Australian thorny stick insect

Below are some of the works Martins Photography


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Our aim is to provide the highest quality service for our clients and highest standards of care for our animals. 

Our team all care for the animals we have, many are rescues we brought back to health and we treat them as family members as we do each other.

We've always asked permission before using an image but if you'd like us to remove any, do get in touch

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