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No matter what your age, nothing quite brings life to a celebration like the presence of a well-cared for and friendly animal. 
We use years of experience to capture the attention and imagination of audiences of all ages and abilities.
Our team members are vibrant, professional working with committees, high net worth, high profiled individuals (like Sir David Attenborough) and come with an outstanding track record surrounding publicity, public relations, live shows, weddings and private bookings.
Your guests will have such a fantastic time that they won't realise they are learning. With photo opportunities abound; every participant will have the opportunity to handle each animal and with our wonderful animals bringing smiles to faces, the day will be a truly memorable experience.
A Typical Party/Experience:

Our reptilian family and other creatures come to your home or venue, arriving approximately 30 mins early to set up.

We require a room that has access to a table, room so guests can sit in a semi- circle and access to power to keep the animals at a comfortable temperature. 

We begin with an introduction and our Reptile Rules, Then it's animal time! We teach how to care for and how to handle each animal and while talking (about the natural habitat, diet etc) we  bring the animals round so everyone is able to get really up close, handle if they wish and see some really unusual species and asking questions.

We focus on each of your guests, giving them enough time to have a good look and with the right encouragement, hold each of the reptiles.

Throughout the party we are happy for pictures to be taken, and at the end stage a group photo with one of the larger snakes or lizards.

The number of guests taking part and the length of time you book have an impact on the amount of animals that can be seen.


We offer:

  • 1 hour party

  • Hour and half party: running straight through

  • Hour and half party split (45 mins with a break in the middle followed by 45 mins)

Splits are recommended for larger groups or with younger children.

Our experience is young children lose focus but get more engaged with a little break in between.

With careful planning and the attention to detail, we can provide a precious and memorable time.

To make a day special

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Interaction with animals helps to develop compassion and to create a less violent society for the future.


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Our aim is to provide the highest quality service for our clients and highest standards of care for our animals. 

Our team all care for the animals we have, many are rescues we brought back to health and we relate them as family members as we do each other.

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