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One2One Sessions 

Ideal for reptile enthusiasts, VIP celebrity special occasions, those of us with special educational needs (SEN) or wish to overcome a fear or phobia with the support from our animal experts and animals that are used to people interaction. #mybrave.

These special intimate sessions allow one very important person or a small group of two or three, to have our animal education experts and our animals all to themselves, without the strain of large crowds taking attention.

Our trained animals have helped adults and children overcome challenges like fears and to build on confidence and self-esteem with regular interaction sessions.


Helping to calm, motivate

and teach. ​

“They care deeply about the animals, more so than humans”

Animal companions One2One.jpg

Our sessions are person-centred around your needs and would like to speak to the real experts; personal assistants, parents, carers and people with special educational needs themselves to discuss how we can maximise the experience for you.

Patient and nonjudgmental: Let us know if there is a special interest you would like us to bring along for your occasion or session: our leaf and stick insects, Hansel and Gretel the giant land snails, Harry the tortoise and Madam Mim our rhino iguana are common favorites in our five star reviews


Our vibrant reptile specialists work with

1-2-1 with patient, nonjudgmental animals to help calm, motivate and teach
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