Volunteering Experience and Donations

 Fantastic opportunity to Join our team of growing Reptile Defenders!

Are you aged 16 or over? Enthusiastic about reptiles?

Have free time to learn about our animals and rescues? Gain confidence and experience? 

Like to find out about how you can be a 'Reptile Defender?  We would love to hear from you. 

Don’t worry if you have no previous experience working with reptiles.

Work alongside the team and learn about our wonderful animals.


Reptile Defender

"I joined the team as a Reptile Defender in 2015. I wanted a sense of achievement from doing some good, to help build my own confidence and it has helped me to meet others.  I've had the opportunity to learn all about these misunderstood animals and I feel lucky 

to witness the first time a child falls in love with a reptile/minibeast, and see parents rediscovering the world, along with them."


Reptile Defender

Jakub is studying so helps us when he can with events and projects.

He has a big heart and very passionate about animal welfare. With a ‘hands-on’ approach you will admire the way he educates and shares his hidden knowledge. 


Reptile Defender

Jay is studying marine biology & works in Leisure & Tourism. With class & elegance he engages people as is both a thoughtful, caring member of our team.

You will get to meet Jay at many events this coming year.


Reptile Defender

Rhiannon loves working with our lizards, owns a white leopard gecko and a Bearded Dragon.  Rhiannon is 18 and a very dedicated, helpful and caring member of the team. 


Reptile Defender


Living one day at a time with a freshly baked cake, muffin and a cup of tea; Tricia is a heart full of words.

She took Tom to Australia when he was 16 to see Steve Irwin's zoo, has spent her whole life surrounded by animals; teaching people to respect and care for them. One of the great wonders to meet; like our hero David Attenborough.


Reptile Defender

Many of you may recognise Trixie, who ran Trixie's Mini Beasts for over 25 years.

Trixie honoured us when she asked to join our team and has brought knowledge, outrageous love and been a joyful part of our team for the last 3 years. 


Reptile Defender

The truth is out there, this is a rare sighting of Auntie Michelle with Madam Mim. 

Shocking sightings maybe seen in baron lands, long grasses and other debris exposed to the sun. 

We will keep you posted about the Michelle reintroduction programme

named "Proper, proper love me"


Reptile Defender

Gary is a great presence at events and enjoys all the attention he brings with his cheeky smile and holding the big, heavy boa constrictors.  

With Kaz and his help, we have been able to rescue and rehome so many reptiles and greatful for bringing Tom to the world (yes, Gary is Tom's dad and Kaz, Tom's mum!)


Reptile Defender

Louise is has been a big help at events and many of you may have seen her at Wild About Sussex and some of our School summer fates with Madam Mim. Louise has skills that make her stand out from the crowd with her passion for reptiles.


Reptile Defender

PDSA nurse and a mother in our team. Her full time job is caring for animals her spare time is her three children and our friend. Never been a millionaire but know she would be a darling at it.

Make a one-off donation

Please support us  by making a donation to support our conservation breeding, animal welfare, and education work.

Make a one-off donation by sending a cheque payable to “Tom's Talking Reptiles” 


Please do not send cash by post.


You can also donate online using your credit or debit card through PayPal. Simply select donate and enter your amount, click ‘ Donate’, and your payment will be taken online.

Reptile Defenders have opportunities to meet all of our creatures, help at our different events, birthday parties and educational sessions while working alongside the Tom's Talking Reptile's team.

Aspiration of Reptile Defenders:

  • Learn to handle and care for our reptiles and other creatures.

  • Learn the back stories, characteristics and information about each of our reptiles and other creatures.

  • Gain confidence and skills communicating  with children, adults and different Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

  • Help supervise our reptiles and other creatures and our equipment while at the events and sessions.

  • Always prioritise the safety and well-being of our reptiles and other creatures.

  • Learn to reassure the public and educate on the different creatures we have.

  • Help with setting up and closing down at the events and sessions.

  • Defend reptile reputation; promoting reptiles in a positive way

  • Encourage the public to wash their hands after touching ANY animals

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Interaction with animals helps to develop compassion and to create a less violent society for the future.


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Our aim is to provide the highest quality service for our clients and highest standards of care for our animals. 

Our team all care for the animals we have, many are rescues we brought back to health and we treat them as family members as we do each other.

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