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Care Homes & Animal Assisted Therapy

We believe no matter the age we as humans will always be fascinated with animals and the natural world.

We have provided handling sessions for our elders in care homes and with many stories and experiences to share of their own, we very much enjoy being able to add an exotic twist to their day. 

Some have never seen or handled a live reptile while others we bring back fond memories with our tortoises and frogs; all have been very grateful for the opportunity. We can help in structuring your session to guarantee everyone gets a chance to enjoy the company of our scaly pup, Madam Mim the Rhino iguana and our other animals.  

As well as the informative talks we regularly include meet-and-greet sessions and room visits for the less mobile.

Tom's Talking Reptiles Care home Reptile encounter visit Animal Assisted Therapy Sessions
Tom's Talking Reptiles Care home Reptile encounter visit. Senior Lady touching lizard. Animal Assisted Therapy Sessions

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is popular within the care home industry and it has particular benefits for residents with dementia.  It has been proven that interacting with animals causes elevation to mood and increased energy levels, as well as promoting social behaviours and decreasing apathy and agitation. The presence of animals can trigger pleasant memories of past life experiences for example childhood pets or living abroad.

Exotic animals are ideal visitors as they are usually very docile and predictable allowing for safe interaction and demonstration.

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