We believe that all reptiles deserve a second chance and will take on any reptile as long as we have space and equipment to care for them properly.  We will find them the perfect new home. Anyone looking to adopt an animal from us must come and meet them first, so we can make sure they are the perfect fit. 

We understand that circumstances do and can change quickly and that finding a new home for your reptile can be a long process. 

If you have a reptile, amphibian or minibeast(s) that need help finding a new home, please send us a brief description of them, along with photos of the animal and equipment it comes with we would love to help.

Send an email to:  team@tomstalkingreptiles.co.uk  


If you are looking to adopt a new pet, our team are here to help. We can help with advice on care, set ups and help to find a perfect new addition to your family.

We ensure the new owners are fully aware of the correct temperatures, dietary needs, environment and other aspects of care before allowing them to have responsibility for the reptile. 

For our up to date rehoming list please have a look at our Facebook Page

We also sell complete full set ups. Our set ups come with a second hand

(in great condition) vivarium with all new electrical equipment and decor. We can also do complete new set ups with a (new) vivarium, new electrical equipment and decor. 

All of our set ups will come as 'Plug and Play'. We will run through how everything in the enclosure works so all you need to do is take it home and plug it in ready for your new pet. 

Our full setups will include: 

  • Wooden Vivarium or Glass Terrarium 

  • Ceramic heater

  • Ceramic fitting or light dome 

  • Guard 

  • Lighting/UV 

  • Thermostats

  • Thermometers 

  • Bedding 

  • Hides/Branches

  • Decor 

  • Water Bowl 

  • Feeding Dish 

  • Calcium and multivitamins (if applicable) 

We thank you for your donation, your donation goes towards the care and feeding of our animals and the rescue and rehoming we do. 

The lucky ones who have found new homes:

Hypo boa constrictor -Dukes:  Blind

A wonderful snake rehomed by Horsham Water Gardens

Leopard Gecko - Lola

Just to let you know Lola is now in the 3ft viv with Frank and they get on amazing. I was shocked how well they are chilled, they sleep together and Frank is always watching to make sure Lola is ok. It's the sweetest thing. 

Bearded Dragon - Erica

After a month and a half with us Erica has found a new home with Godstone Farm.

Corn Snake -New Name

 Today I rehomed a gorgeous friendly corn snake, in good condition from Tom. A very knowledgeable guy, kind & helpful. Would recommend to others looking to give a snake a good home and will be likely to contact him with regards to rehoming again,many thanks Tom From Caroline

Corn Snake - Fang

We booked Tom's Talking Reptiles for my son, Max's 9th Birthday party. They were amazing and Max had a great time handling and learning about all the different animals they brought.They took time with each child and were very caring and considerate to all the animals.After the party, we decided that we'd like to get Max a pet corn snake, but were concerned about where to get one from.Tom contacted us to tell us that he had rescued and was looking to re-home a corn snake that would be ideal for Max.He went out of his way to make sure that Fang (as Max has called him) was healthy and happy before we brought him home. And the care advice that he's given us has been invaluable.Max is over the moon with his new pet!

Bearded Dragon - Spike

After a very rough start to life Spike has finally found his happy new home with a lovely boy called William and his Family.

Bearded Dragon - Steve

After attending St Marys School summer fair in chessington Steve found a loving new home with the principal.

Corn Snake - Flash

Flash finally found a lovely new home with Amy one of our Reptile Defenders

Our heartbreak rescues

Green Iguana "Precious"

Photo: Day 1 Of Rescue

One of the heart break rescues; Precious was under weight and dehydrated with metabolic bone disease (MBD), seven layers of dead skin dried over her body and missing most of her spines. Decaying food had been left to rot away her nose which had eaten away her flesh.

She could not feed herself, could barely walk and only in an unbalanced circle.

Green Iguana "Precious" 

Photo: 30 days after Rescue

Four times a day we bathed her to help remove the dead skin built up on her body, while syringing water,  blended food and calcium water in to her mouth to help hydrate and give her energy.

She began to climb and would sit on Tom's shoulder as he cleaned and changed the other reptile water bowls.

Sadly the damage to her body only allowed her six months to share life with us:

We educate, promote understanding and caring as we feel Precious in reptiles. 

Finding a Reptile a New Home:

We ensure the new owners are fully aware of the correct temperatures, dietary needs, environment and other aspects of care before allowing them to have responsibility for the reptile. 

We can sometimes provide a fully set up second hand vivarium for the particular species of reptile if we have a spare, if we do not then we offer extensive advice on possible places to buy the vivarium, what size vivarium and what heating and lighting equipment will be needed.

If you have any questions about reptile care or husbandry just send an email and we will respond as soon as we can with any advice we can offer or sign posting to others like Micheal Butcher Turtle and Terrapin Sanctuary 

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Our aim is to provide the highest quality service for our clients and highest standards of care for our animals. 

Our team all care for the animals we have, many are rescues we brought back to health and we treat them as family members as we do each other.

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