Play Groups, Nurseries, Preschools and Under 5s

This is a wonderful age group to work with as they have no pre conditioned fear of reptiles or creepy crawlies, are full of curiosity and love new, interesting experiences. 

For this age we do bring slightly hardier reptiles and bugs as we understand that at this age motor skills are still developing. 

With sessions on habitats, mini beasts, rain forests, even dragons and dinosaurs.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and what you desire and we do our best to make it all happen. 

 Our aim is for the young ones to have up close encounters and hands on fun with the reptiles which hopefully continues in life with an interest in reptiles and the natural world around them.

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Interaction with animals helps to develop compassion and to create a less violent society for the future.


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Our aim is to provide the highest quality service for our clients and highest standards of care for our animals. 

Our team all care for the animals we have, many are rescues we brought back to health and we treat them as family members as we do each other.

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