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Dave, Crickey, Tangie

'Corn Snakes' 

We have a variety of beautiful corn snakes, they are very popular at our events and parties. 

They have been very popular in photography and filming due to their size and colours.

Dave - Red colour corn snake 

Crickey - White corn snake  

Tangie - Orange Corn Snake 

Have a look at our corn snakes body of work.

Music Videos


Our corn snakes Crikey and Bindi were used in the new music video 'Crave' for years and years. They were used as a part of 'Prince Medusa's' head piece and really brought it to life. 

Short clip of our snakes in 'Crave'



Crickey - on a shoot for HERO Magazine 

RH45 photoshoot.jpg

Crickey and Dave - working with fashion designer RH45 



Dave and Crickey star in the new feature film

'The Phantom Warrior' directed and written by

Savvas D.Michael

on set for the Medusa scene 

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