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The opportunity to share life with Snakes, Tortoises, Lizards, Amphibians, Insects and more.

 You will gain more of an understanding of  each of these animals which are often misrepresented, with close sensory encounters experiencing the colours, textures and behaviours of these wonderful creatures.


Based in Crawley; we travel across the South, South East and London to bring our animal encounters to you. 

30+ years experience and knowledge in Exotic Animal Care and15+ years experience in Innovation, Teaching, Learning and Training at one of the largest further education colleges in the South East.

           Animal Encounters: 

Parties: For adults, children & every ability.

  • Birthdays

  • Halloween /Christmas

  • Corporate and private hire

•One-2-One and Small Group Animal Encounters:

Ideal for: 

  • Reptile Enthusiasts 

  • VIP celebrity special occasions

  • Those of us with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

  • Wish to overcome a fear or phobia 


Educational and Enrichment Visits:

  • School Visits – range of school activities from animal encounters to art

  • College Lectures – from animal classification to the husbandry of exotics

  • After dinner talks

  • Scouts / Brownies /Girl Guides

  • Youth groups and Clubs

Nursing Homes, Care Homes & Animal Assisted Therapy

•Television and Media Industry: 

Beautiful, calm and professionally trained animals for: 

  • Photography & High Fashion shoots

  • Music videos

  • PR and corporate promotions

  • Theatre and stage

  • Major feature films

  • Independent films

  • TV Drama

  • Commercials

  • Radio

  • Natural history documentaries

  • Live events

  • Private parties

  • Open days and launch parties



Reptile Rescue and Re-Home:

We help members of the public and organisations find new homes for reptiles in need or to find a new loving friend. Please contact us if you have a pet that you can no longer care for and needs a new home or if you are seeking to re-home a rescue.

Reptile Holiday Boarding:

We offer a holiday away from home for your pets. Our team are trained and dedicated to looking after all species of reptiles. 

Working with SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH @ Book Signing Event, at Waterstones, Brighton:

​We enabled fans to see our animals up close and the opportunity to get a better understanding of these wonderful creatures.
His own words:🐸🦎 "Develop a love for nature, you'll care for its survival." 🐢 🐍  🐊

Our Iguana 'Madam Mim' also attended as a thank you.
Madam Mim accepted the BAFTA award on behalf of Sir David Attenborough in 2017; 'Madam Mim' became the little iguana that got away in Planet Earth 2 Iguana vs Snakes winning the years Best TV Moment.  
Snakes VS Baby Iguana - Planet Earth Two:
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