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About Tom

Hi, I'm Tom of Tom's Talking Reptiles and I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about me.

Toms Talking Reptiles, Animal Talks, Reptile party, Crawley
Toms Talking Reptiles, Animal Talks, Reptile party, Crawley

During the four years I worked at Prestige Reptiles I had the opportunity to

participate in a few school talks. Although I moved into full time work elsewhere, I never forgot the excitement and enjoyment that children (and adults) get from interacting with these amazing animals.​
I have kept my hand in the reptile pool and my partner and I have a very successful red eye tree frog breeding colony. For the past four years we have given these rare species to zoos and other hobbyists alike, and want these beautiful frogs to thrive and to be seen by all. We have various other tree frog species, assorted invertebrates and lizards. Our queen of lizards, Madame Mim the Rhino Iguana, loves strokes, being hand fed and sunbathing!​

I landed a part time job at Prestige Reptiles Crawley while doing a diploma in animal care at Brinsbury College. Before then believe it or not, I was scared of snakes but I soon fell in love with these fascinating animals.

​​I really enjoyed meeting people who shared my enthusiasm for reptiles and started a small collection including a breeding pair of royal pythons. One of their babies, Daisy, is now working as part of the team.​

In January 2013 I appeared on a television chat show with some of my animals to discuss fears and phobias. After this I decided to take this show on the road and so was born “Tom's Talking Reptiles.”

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