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British and Worldwide Wildlife Conservation

This is a subject very close to our hearts as we love animals of all types and want to enjoy them for many generations to come. The main thing with animal and wildlife areas conservation is that it affects us all from the insects that pollinate the crops we grow to wetland areas to help with flooding it is all connected. The better we look after wildlife the better we look after ourselves.

There are many organisations dedicated to many different areas for conservation and wildlife.


Here are a few to check out, like on Facebook and just to get more information as many have fun days out and activities for children.

There is the Wildlife Trust that does lots for wildlife and maintaining wild areas. There is tons of information here on their website on what to do in your gardens and plenty of activities for children and places to visit

There is Arc Trust which is the Amphibian and reptile conservation website dealing with reptiles and their habitats in the UK, with plenty of information about news and events. Focusing on volunteering which a great way for older children and teenagers to learn more about reptiles especially if they want to have a career in this field

There is the Woodland Trust that’s focus is on woodland and its importance as a natural habitat to many birds, mammals, reptiles and insects again their website is packed with great information, activities for children, children’s clubs and places to visit with the family.

There is the zoological society of London (ZLS) this is London zoo which does loads for wildlife conservation in the UK and aboard, with their captive breeding programmes and dedication to educating everybody to the importance of looking after all animals. The website is full of information and ways to help. London zoo itself is a wonderful day out for all the family, showcasing some of the rarest animals on earth.

There is The RSPB that focuses on birds of all types, with lots of information on where to see different birds and to how to encourage them into your garden. Also with has a great, things to do section covering family days out to volunteering locally

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