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Which One Talks? The Magnificent, Marvelous, Madam Mim!

Who could possibly be a big enough star to have Shane Richie ask for a cuddle and photo by day, and the same night, be on the red carpet accepting the Best TV Moment BAFTA Award for Planet Earth 2 on behalf of Sir David Attenborough...oh and have a little dig at His Royal Highness, Danny Dyer?

Moi! The magnificent, marvelous Madam Mim! BAFTA Iguana, Celebrity, Supermodel Extraordinaire, Mother of dragons and face of Tom's Talking Reptiles.

At the Cowpie Country Show Shane Richie asked to have a cuddle and photo with Moi. I did not tell about the BAFTA Awards later that evening so it must have come as a surprise when he and his family saw me accepting the BAFTA Award and having a dig at Danny Dyer! Such fun!


"Despite what some say, I am not a sore loser. Since I literally never lose, it would be completely impossible for moi to be a sore loser" -Madam Mim

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